Summer is HOT, and Razzoo’s Cajun Café is offering diners a tasty new way to keep cool all summer.  The restaurant is offering 32-ounce Mason Jar Chillers for only $8 each.

Served in a signature mason jar, Mason Jar Chillers are made with a combination of real fruit and juices paired with a sweet wine and liquor combination.  Flavors include:

Watermelon Crawler:  Sweet white wine, watermelon liqueur, fruit juices and Sprite, topped off with a namesake slice of watermelon.

Peach Mambo:  Fresh peaches, white wine, peach schnapps along with triple sec and fresh juices.

Box Wine Boogie:  Sweet red wine, lemon vodka and pomegranate schnapps with fresh lemon, pineapple and orange slice.

The Bayou Breeze:  Sweet white wine mixed with Smirnoff passion fruit vodka, mango, pineapple juice and Sprite topped with pineapple wedges.

Mason Jar Chillers will be offered at all nineteen Razzoo’s Cajun Café locations in Texas and North Carolina.


ABOUT RAZZOO’S CAJUN CAFÉ:  At Razzoo’s we try not to take ourselves too seriously.  What we do take seriously is our food and our service.  To us, nothing is more fun than treating our guests to great food and a great time in one of our restaurants.  That’s why we’re here.  Our food is authentic, it’s made from scratch every day in each restaurant and it’s darn good.  Some of it sounds a little weird, like Rat Toes (really, they aren’t) or the Grilled Gator Tail (really, it is).  Some of it is hard to pronounce, like the Shrimp Piquant or Chicken Tchoupitoulas – feel free to point when you order (that happens a lot).  We’ve been at this for over 26 years and we’ve made a lot of friends along the way.  We’d like to think that didn’t happen by accident.  So check out our menu, find the nearest location and hop in the car.  We’ll be at the door when you get here.

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